Meals Before Noon

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” & London definitely does leisurely breakfast best. From waffles with a view to porridge and a cup of Joe, check out London’s most adorable breakfast nooks that are just waiting to become your new cozy niche.

‘Tis The Season

While doorsteps in the States are flooded with pumpkins and turkey wreaths, life across the pond is already well into counting down the days until Christmas. With hundreds of light crawls & market stalls throughout the city, make sure to not miss these holiday festivals, freezing ice rinks, and snowman themed afternoon teas this Christmas in London.

Twice The Town

From the cobbled Royal Mile to hilltop regal castles, Edinburgh is a city of twice the town and half the worry. Home to too many ghosts and too strong of whiskey, the city marks itself as one of the most vibrant and nostalgic towns within Scotland and all of the United Kingdom.

Only Pudding For Dessert

From stuffing suitcases to exchanging money, the one thing I didn’t think I had to worry about when I decided to study abroad in London was learning a new language. Little did I know, I was so wrong.

From Romans To Austen

From the Romans to Jane Austen, Bath, England is the essence of British life and history. Home to ruins dating back to 43 AD, three hot springs, and inspiration to writers for centuries, one weekend in Bath had me house hunting for the perfect British winter home.

To: Berlin

Jetting off way too early on a Friday morning (after sprinting for the plane), I found myself in the heart of the Cold War’s most iconic city.  From the Reichstag to The Wall that divided the world for years, visiting Berlin, standing at the Brandenburger Gate, and touching the Berlin Wall were experiences I thought I would only…

Table For Two

London is a city of great food. While a long week of pliés and grandé battlements may have meant less river cruises and more hours of studio training, I still had plenty of time to visit some of the most delicious places in London (with a friend who never refuses an expensive meal out).

The City of Vintage & Art

When I moved to London almost three weeks ago, I was ready for the rain, the tea, and the accents. One thing I wasn’t expecting besides the dreary weather and adorable finger sandwiches though, was the love affair London has with vintage markets (a similarity that unfortunately I share).

Tulips & Croissants

One of the greatest parts about my relationship with my mom is the passion we both share for traveling. When I was fifteen and came home from school begging to go to Europe, I had no idea that in five years time I would have traveled to ten different countries and be living abroad in London.