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With cascading waterfalls, dozens of hot springs, and northern lights streaming above, Iceland is a destination unlike anywhere else.

Road trip across the country and awe at its beauty, try the best seafood and craft beer in Reykjavik, or lounge the afternoon away at the Blue Lagoon. Whether a seasoned traveler or a solo-backpacker, Iceland has plenty of adventure to go around.

Language: The official language of Iceland is Icelandic but English is widely spoken, especially in tourist areas.

Currency: The Icelandic króna is used as currency. 1USD is equal to about 125,15 ISK. For first time travelers to Iceland, be aware that Iceland can get VERY expensive so budget a little more than normal for food and activities.

Best Time to Visit : There are different activities to explore in Iceland all year round. During the summer, tourists flock to the island to explore the country without the bitter chill. This can hike up accommodation and flight prices though so plan in advance!

Fall through winter is the best time to gaze at the Northern lights. Colder temperatures and freezing roads may limit the amount of driving you can do safely around the country though. The spring is perfect for exploring outdoors and participating in some of the locals favorite past-times such as fishing and golfing.

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