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Portugal is one of those countries that truly has it all. While the cities offer plenty to see, do, and eat, the coasts feature beautiful beaches and Instagram worthy caves. Dinner with Fado, followed by a locally distilled port and a freshly baked nata is sure to round out the night.

Language: The official language is Portuguese, but English is widely spoken.

Currency: The Euro is used as currency (€). Most bars and restaurants will accept major credit/debit cards (except for American Express).

Best Time to Visit : Since Portugal offers such diverse experiences, the best time to visit is really hard to say! Spring (February-May) and fall (August-late-October) is best for visiting cities like Lisbon and Porto. The climate is warm but cool enough to not roast while seeing the sights. When visiting more beachy areas such as the Algarve Coast, spring to early-summer (April-early June) may be more ideal.

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