The City of Vintage & Art

When I moved to London almost three weeks ago, I was ready for the rain, the tea, and the accents. One thing I wasn’t expecting besides the dreary weather and adorable finger sandwiches though, was the love affair London has with vintage markets (a similarity that unfortunately I share).

Tulips & Croissants

One of the greatest parts about my relationship with my mom is the passion we both share for traveling. When I was fifteen and came home from school begging to go to Europe, I had no idea that in five years time I would have traveled to ten different countries and be living abroad in London.

Pollock to Monet

Aside from the halls of Roman sculptures and Egyptian papyrus script, the galleries of Renaissance, Impressionist, and Abstract Art have always been my favorite. And, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, after seeing the advertisement outside the Metropolitian Museum of Art for “Van Gogh: Irises and Roses,” a quick visit to view one collection turned into hours of…