Beijing, China

Arriving late afternoon to the heart of Beijing (after a missed flight & 5 extra hours of travel), we checked into our beautiful, flower obsessed hostel & headed out in search of Beijing's most delicious dumplings. Walking along the hidden streets of the Donghuashi district, we quickly realized we weren't in the tourist section of … Continue reading Beijing, China

Japan by Shinkansen: Hakone & Kyoto

Waking up in Hakone, our first Shinkasen pitstop began with a four o'clock sunrise over Lake Ashi & a Japanese inspired breakfast. Staying at the Hakone Hotel on the bank of Lake Ashi, everything Hakone has to offer was just a walk, boat, or cable car ride away. Deciding first to catch the cruise around … Continue reading Japan by Shinkansen: Hakone & Kyoto

A Summer Down Under: Melbourne

While Sydney was described to me many times as "the LA of Australia," and Melbourne the New York, I left sunny Sydney ready for the hustle the bustle. Dropping my bags at Southern Cross Station and wandering down the gridded streets to Federation Square, it didn't take me long to start seeing what everyone meant. While … Continue reading A Summer Down Under: Melbourne

A Summer Around The World

Traveling through three continents, eight cities, and circumnavigating the globe completely, this summer has been unlike any other. Starting in South Africa, interning in Australia, and then sightseeing through Japan, China, and Nepal, catch a glimpse of my summer around the world in the video below! Also check back for posts about my adventures in … Continue reading A Summer Around The World

A Summer Down Under: Sydney

Figuring one winter for the year wasn't enough, as soon as summer hit New York, I hopped on a flight and headed down under to Sydney, Australia. Traveling for 30 hours and arriving just after six in the morning, I spent my first two mornings at the studio combatting 14 hours of jet lag with Pilates … Continue reading A Summer Down Under: Sydney

How Studying Abroad Changed My Life

“Travel is little beds and cramped bathrooms. It’s old television sets and slow Internet connections. Travel is extraordinary conversations with ordinary people. It’s waiters, gas station attendants, and housekeepers becoming the most interesting people in the world. It’s churches that are compelling enough to enter. It’s McDonald’s being a luxury. It’s the realization that you … Continue reading How Studying Abroad Changed My Life

A Pit Stop In Giza

Arriving just after 1 o'clock in the morning to Cairo, I was on cloud nine after seeing the Nile from miles above. Flying over one of the world's most ancient cities, my 12 hour layover seemed like a perfect idea... until I landed & got off the plane. First there were the visa bank tellers that … Continue reading A Pit Stop In Giza

The Secrets of Traveling Europe With No Money

It wasn't long after we traded our passports for our visa cards that London branded each of us. Awarded titles such as the queen of bartending or the shopping guru, I was instantly dubbed the travel agent just weeks after arriving. Planning everything from flights to hotels for the countless countries we visited, here are … Continue reading The Secrets of Traveling Europe With No Money

Mediterranean Restaurants You Just Can’t Miss

I had no idea how just a year abroad would turn me into a complete foodie. While growing up in Pensacola always meant grits à ya ya & water views, I never knew what incredible Mediterranean restaurants were just a short eight hour plane ride away. So while you may be closer to the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean … Continue reading Mediterranean Restaurants You Just Can’t Miss

5 Unexpected Cities That Will Steal Your Heart

I always thought it would be the most famous cities that would impact me most. While selfies with the Colosseum & Eiffel Tower have made for profile pictures galore though, it has been the the strolls through quiet cobblestone villages and foreign serenading that have truly stolen my heart. Living abroad has taught me a lot (mostly … Continue reading 5 Unexpected Cities That Will Steal Your Heart

Rice Terrace Nostalgia

Dreaming of palm readings and terrace bike rides since even before "Eat, Pray, Love," I knew from the moment I stepped off the plane in Jakarta that Indonesia would be nothing like anything I had ever experienced before. From the drastic heat wave, to the language, to even the detail of the tile on the walls of … Continue reading Rice Terrace Nostalgia

48 Hours In Tokyo

Flying 5,000 miles from Melbourne, Australia to Tokyo, Japan it only took 9 and a half hours to find myself in an entirely different hemisphere, culture, & cuisine. Trekking first from Tokyo's Narita airport to Hamamatsucho staton in the central Minato district, we quickly dropped our bags and started on our to do list for 48 … Continue reading 48 Hours In Tokyo

A Summer Down Under: Outside of City Centre

Moonlit Sanctuary Similar to many other first time tourists in Australia, the top item on my bucket list was a close encounter with some of Australia's most famous animals. Learning quickly that holding koalas is fairly rare outside of Queensland, I worried that my closest encounter would be the glimpses I caught at the Sydney … Continue reading A Summer Down Under: Outside of City Centre

To: South Africa

A city covered with sandy beaches and bookended by mountains, Cape Town is known as the most beautiful city in South Africa. Speckled with diverse culture & one of the world's most riveting histories, my week in South Africa was the perfect combination of everything I hoped and nothing I expected. Flying from New York … Continue reading To: South Africa