Eats & Treats for 48 Hours In Brussels

While there are plenty of cities to see in Belgium, Brussels  hosts some of the best seafood, desserts, and craft beer of any European city. Famous for decadent waffles and gourmet fries, check out a few of these must ‘eat & drink’ places for your next weekend escape to Brussels.

When it comes to drinking, Brussels definitely has no shortage on options and in particular, in craft beer. Delirium Cafe & Little Delirium are quirky sister bars with over 2,000 beer options (a record that actually got the cafe published in the 2004 Guinness World Record book).

With beer flavors ranging from banana, to hot pepper, and even cookie, this little beer haven makes a beer flight much more interesting than any other bar around.

And of course, when people think of Belgium, they think of chocolate! Brussels is a mecca for all the flavors a chocolate lover could dream of. Just walking through the winding city streets, you will pass half a dozen chocolatiers on one block. From Pierre Marcolini and their selection of exotic chocolates from all over the world, to Elisabeth Chocolatier and their instagram worthy shop of truffles, Brussels is guaranteed not to disappoint any sweet tooth.

& if you still are ready for more sweet after all of the chocolate, pop in to one of the most acclaimed waffle shops in Brussels, Maison Dandoy. A family run restaurant for generations, Maison Dandoy uses 100% natural ingredients making your dream waffle even that much more tasty.

From whipped cream and strawberries to melted Belgian chocolate, this afternoon treat is all you could ask before  hitting the roads again for more sightseeing.

Then there are the Beligian frites. Different than just your average thick cut chip, Brussels frites are hand cut, cooked, and then often fried two or three times for a crisp and golden outside with a fluffy inside. If your mouth isn’t watering already, Belgian frites often come with your choice of sauce. From curry ketchup to truffle mayo (and often another 10 options), a simple Belgian snack can very quickly turn into a very difficult decision.

But where are the best Belgian frites? Most locals highlight Cafe Georgette as the top stand for the most authentic version of this Belgian snack. With both a restaurant and terrace as well as an outside take-away stand, locals and tourists alike make a point of visiting this cafe daily.

Last, but certainly not least, no trip to Brussels is complete without tasting their famous moles & frites dinner. Exactly what it sounds like, Brussels famous meal is a huge pot of mussels, in a sauce of your choosing, with a side of their famous Belgian fries.

Some of the top restaurants for this must-have dish are Restaurant FrancoisLe ScheltemaChez Leon. With a belgian beer & more chocolate to round out the night, it reallyonly  takes 48 hours to see & taste all of what Brussels has to offer.


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