More Croissants

The thing I love about Paris is how many times you can visit and still discover ironically new vintage shops and overpriced Bordeauxs.  Traveling to the ‘city of love’ with America’s Next Top Diva and a walking History Channel, I stepped off the RER ready for a weekend of croissants and window shopping down the Champs-Élysées but ended up discovering much more. Check out these little Parisian hideaways to make your next trip to Paris more than just a wait in the Eiffel Tour queue.


Crêperie framboise

Whether it’s your first or twenty-first time in Paris, crêpes are always a must. A few savory and a few sweet, I thought I knew everything there was to know about this skinny pancake until I discovered Crêperie Framboise. Reminiscent of London’s Seven Dials, this open air crêperie is tucked away in a roundabout with over 30 different kinds of crêpes & dozens of vintage shops on either side of this pancake heaven (so basically the most dangerous roundabout in the city).


Le Vieux Bistrot, Rue Mouffetard

Tearing myself away from a vintage Channel jacket I couldn’t afford to meet up with long lost friends just hours later, we wandered a few yards from the Pantheon and stumbled across the original Melting Pot. Enticed by the adorable plaid tablecloths and enthusiastic monsieur, we stepped off Rue Mouffetard for both cheese and meat fondue and a dessert of the best tiramisu I have ever had. While not around the corner from the Eiffel Tour, this 5th arrondissement restaurant is speckled with local quirks that make Paris more than just ticket stubs and over Americanized cafes.



And then there are the macaroons. Full on fondue and crêpes until my next Eurostar adventure, a stop past Angelina for a last minute sugar rush is always a must. Discovering this pastry paradise in September, its a struggle to not pop in for a takeaway box on the way to hours at the Louvre. Steps from Tuileries Garden, this bakery highlights overpriced but delicious macaroons and hot chocolate made from just purely melted French chocolate bars. If you’re ready for a sugar rush, Angelina is definitely the spot.


So while photo ops for your next Facebook profile picture are a must at the overcrowded Parisian landmarks, take time to visit a few of these hidden hideaways on your next chance in this beautiful French city.

xoxo, au revoir.


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