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Finland is one of the world’s most northern countries, with one of the most severe climates. In southern cities like Helsinki, cobblestone streets lead visitors through food markets and boutique clothing stores with plenty of beautiful museums to distract them along the way. In the northern region of the country, snow blankets the wooded forests most of the year, as the aurora borealis stream across the sky.

Language: Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. English is also widely spoken throughout the country.

Currency: The Euro is used as currency (€). Most bars and restaurants will accept major credit/debit cards (except for American Express).

Best Time to Visit : Since Finland’s location is so far north, spring through summer (May-July) is the best time to enjoy the country (without freezing to death). If traveling to the Lapland region of Finland and interested in seeing the legendary aurora borealis though, early fall through spring( mid-August until early April) is best.

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