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During my three years in London, if I wasn’t headed to Italy on a holiday, it was Spain! What is there not to love?

Spain boasts some of Europe’s best beaches, accompanied by thousands of cultural festivals, and bottomless Sangria. From partying through beach clubs in Barcelona, to indulging in the world’s highest concentration of Michelin star restaurants in San Sebastian, Spain is a country that has me coming back again and again.

Language: The official language of Spain is Spanish but the country also has co-official languages in different regions of the country. English is spoken around tourist attractions but can be limited even inside of city centre.

Currency: The Euro is used as currency (€).

Best Time to Visit : Summer (June-August) is one of the most beautiful times to visit Spain. The weather is perfect across the country, and the streets are filled with endless markets and festivals.

Fall (September – early November) is also a beautiful time to visit. Less tourists mean shorter lines (and of course more space on the beach). September also brings the country’s wine harvest, a perfect perfect time to visit if you are interested in visiting any of the country’s wine regions.

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